Bm Financial Group

                                                                                  We build stability on  your financial future 

About our Service 

We are in Charge of Providing Clients information and suggesting insurance policies and products .We also serve as an intermediary between clients and insurance firms.We also offer excellent customer service .We conduct interviews with prospective clients to acquire their information.

Our Partners

We work with some of the best Insurance companies in the world, such as Fidelity & Guaranty, American National, Life of the Southwest, AIG, Our focus at FEG is Indexed UL’s and Indexed Annuities. At BM Financial Group we are proud to say with our Indexed products, our clients cash values have not participated in the recent Market Downturns.

Life Insurance Services

Life insurance is essential in your life.Whether you're alone or you have anyone in your life who depends on your income. Unfortunately, many people don't have the right type of coverage or the right amount.

Every year about 6 million people are diagnosed with a heart attack, stroke, or cancer. 70% of those people will not die and more than half go bankrupt in the process. Switch to a financial solution which ensures your family’s quality of life. 

Get  death benefit to your beneficiaries to help them coves living expenses.

Use your cash value as a retirement plan when you can go back to work.

Our Mission:

Our goal is to protect families through life Index Universal Life ,financial planning and advice, backed by our dedication to providing the highest quality service 

Our Vision

Be a business partner to F&G and other Carriers,  by offering strategic financial advice through Life Insurance .Build a stable financial future  and deliver the best possible basis for decision-making.

                                                                                                        We build stability on  your financial future